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Unstuck Therapy helps individual & couples overcome the barriers to intimacy in relationships.
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Have you been feeling stuck lately?

As part of the innate human experience, we all bump up into areas where we get stuck and our vulnerabilities come to the surface. Whether you’re stuck in the grief of losing someone, caught up in an unproductive cycle within your relationships, or struggling to bridge the gap between you and your partner, feeling stuck can be an isolating and lonely experience.

Our passion at Unstuck is helping individuals and couples break free from the cycles, roles, and patterns keeping them disconnected from others. We provide therapy in Nashville for topics such as communication, affair recovery, boundaries, communication, grief, intimacy, premarital, and more.

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What Can We Do Together

Reestablish Intimacy
Strengthen the attachment bond between you by uncovering the cycle driving moments of disconnection in the relationship.
Explore Identity
Deepen awareness of the values, messages, and life experiences shaping your experience of being human.
Premarital Counseling
Take inventory of your relationship and proactively address areas where you might otherwise find yourselves getting stuck.
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Finding the Right Therapist
by unstucktherapyMay 22, 2023
Finding the Right Therapist
No therapist is the same, and the effectiveness of therapy is largely dependent upon the quality of the relationship. However, it can be hard knowing what to look for as a client. Here are a few tips to guide you in finding the right person for you.
The Cost of Therapy
by unstucktherapyFebruary 18, 2023
The Cost of Therapy
Have you wondered to yourself, “Why does therapy cost so much?” That’s a valid question. Today on the blog we’re unpacking 5 key points about the cost of therapy:
Around the Fire
by unstucktherapyNovember 18, 2022
Around the Fire
"The heart is often waging a war between love and fear in a quest for belonging, security, and self-protection." “What attracts us doesn’t always connect us.” This time of year, as evenings are cooling down and more people are gravitating towards the chill of the autumn air...
The Marriage Drift
by unstucktherapyNovember 15, 2022
The Marriage Drift
Marriage is a growing love or a growing distance. One is intentional, the other… well, it depends. Your love - which is something of action, not just emotions or feelings, grows in one direction or the other. This growth depends on where your attention is focused. Growth always depends on where your focus lies.

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