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You are welcome here! Whether you are in an indigenous, black, brown, Latinx, Asian, indigenous, or white body. Whether you are in your body as a gender, non-binary, two – spirited, female, or male. Whether you are in your body as a gay, lesbian, trans, pansexual, bisexual, queer or heterosexual. Whether your body has seen many years or few. Whatever limits your body has, you are welcome here. It is our goal to create a healing space for all. We invite you to bring your whole self, all of your humanity, without the fear of being discriminated against.

We want you to have a felt sense that you belong.
(Adapted from Dr. Teri Murphy & Dr. Greg Cheney)


Our journey together started in 2019 as we built a friendship over a shared sense of humor and equal appreciation for the role therapy has played in our own personal healing. We began to discuss a desire to demystify therapy, as it has a history of appearing intimidating and impersonal. We began to dream about what it would look like to start a therapy practice that feels as approachable and safe as walking in a coffee shop.

We decided to launch Unstuck Therapy out of this passion and use various evidence-based, therapeutic models to help clients get unstuck from the patterns driving disconnection in their lives and relationships. We founded Unstuck Therapy, LLC  with the desire to bridge the gap between the demand of the mental health crisis and general lack of accessible services. We are able to offer a limited number of reduced fee sessions, which are partially dependent upon donations, fundraising, and profit from items purchased through our store.


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It's normal to have a few questions

How do you know if you need counseling?
In our opinion, every person would benefit from therapy. We all have pain points in our stories, and unhealed pain often finds a way of leaking out into our everyday lives. It’s an act of kindness to ourselves and to others to explore what our personal healing might look like. There are no definitive measures for needing therapy.
What should I expect during that first session?
A first session can be intimidating, especially for those who feel responsible for catching their therapist up to speed. However, the first few sessions have more to do with establishing a relationship. And if you don’t click with your therapist, that is totally normal! Find someone who is a fit for you. And if it’s not us, we’ll help you find someone who is.
How do you know if therapy is working?
Your therapist will collaborate with you to set some overarching goals, and over time you will get a sense of the progress you are making. Therapy is a process. At first you may feel worse, as you build awareness of your circumstances. However, over time that awareness can lead to empowerment, healing, and relief.
How long does therapy last?
You get to choose that timeline. Your therapist will check in with you regarding the progress of your goals, but you get to decide how often you want to meet and when you feel ready to terminate. Effective therapy can both be brief or lifelong. This process is unique to you.

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