Individual Therapy

Does you feel stuck?

Are you circling around the same issues or misunderstandings?

Whether you’re in conflict or completely disengaged, it’s a scary and lonely place to be. If you’re stuck at a distance, you may need help finding your way back to each other.

Our passion is helping couples overcome the places where they get stuck with one another. We do this through Emotionally Focused Therapy, which is considered the gold standard of couple’s therapy.

Communication Issues
Affair Recovery
Navigating Differences
Frequent Arguments
Loss of Intimacy

Options for Individual Therapy

Per Session
  • For weekly or bi-weekly therapy.
  • Starts at $150
  • Sessions are 50 or 90 minutes.
  • Offered Monday - Thursday
1 Day Intensive
  • Designed for couples who want to use momentum to uncover stuck places.
  • Can expedite a month of therapy and jump start therapeutic process.
  • Offered Monday - Sunday.
3 Day Intensive
  • Consolidates the process of 24 weeks of therapy.
  • Can breathe new life into the relationship and allow for deeper work.
  • Offered Friday - Sunday.

Our Training

At Unstuck, we utilize Emotionally Focused Therapy. EFT is an evidence-based psychotherapy model that is considered the gold standard of relationship healing. It takes into consideration attachment, neuroscience, family of origin, and addressing unproductive conflict cycles to create lasting change.

No couples therapy has as much research support as Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Ninety percent (90%) of couples who go through EFT significantly improve their relationship, and 70-75% of couples no longer fit criteria for relationship distress following treatment.

Within the EFT process, there is an intentional design of both individual and conjoint sessions to uncover the full experience of both partners. The overarching goal is to bring you to new encounters that change the nature of your relationship.

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It's normal to have a few questions

What can I expect to experience?

No one wants a therapist who picks sides or sits back and passively lets things play out the way they always do. Our primary goal in couples therapy is that you both feel understood, and that you have the support you need to organize your experience. Once you have some insight into your pain, it becomes possible to create new bonding experiences. This process can awaken difficult emotions, but clients usually report that they quickly feel relief.

What if only one of us wants therapy?

It is natural when relationship distress becomes painful over an extended period of time to feel defeated. It’s common for one or both partners to want to withdraw out of a feeling that things won’t get better. However, for couples work to be effective, both partners do need to want to commit to working on the relationship. If your partner doesn’t want to attend therapy, it may be a good idea to consider exploring individual therapy on your own.

How do we decide between weekly & intensive?

Weekly sessions are ideal for couples who can commit to a regular time each week and cannot afford the consolidated price of an intensive. Weekly sessions are also more appropriate for couples who are highly escalated, who do not feel emotionally safe with one another, or are still figuring out their goals for therapy. Intensive are ideal for couples who want to make faster headway in their healing and feel prepared to stay in deep work. This option also makes it possible for couples who are out of state to travel to TN and receive services.

What are signs that couples therapy could help?

Couple’s therapy can help address conflict patterns, communication issues, feelings of disconnection, and relationship injuries. If you find yourselves unable to make movement from stuck places, couple’s therapy can often provide insight and new opportunities for change.

Does couples therapy guarantee results?

Couples therapy is never a guaranteed solution to fixing your relationship. In fact, our goal as therapists is not to keep you together. Our responsibility is to provide excellent services that empower your relationship to reach its greatest potential. Emotionally Focused Therapy has a significant success rate. However, the work done and the progress made depends on the couple. Whether you make powerful breakthroughs or decide to bring your relationship to a close, we hope to create a space where both of you can do meaningful work to take with you as individuals.