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The Cost of Therapy

February 18, 2023by unstucktherapy

Have you wondered to yourself, “Why does therapy cost so much?”

That’s a valid question. Today on the blog we’re unpacking 5 key points about the cost of therapy:

1. Therapy is both a need and a luxury.
In reality, therapy is not financially accessible for everyone. While some have no difficulty covering fees for sessions, for others it is far from attainable. While many need therapy, barriers like availability, cost, and time all factor into it being widely accessible.

2. The cost is reflective of many factors.
Most therapists go into this field out of a deep desire to help others. They don’t necessarily charge the rate they do because they CAN but because they NEED to. The cost is reflective of ongoing training costs, business/license expenses, and education expenses (including out of pocket ongoing supervision).

3. The cost of therapy is a systemic issue.
At the core, our healthcare system is broken. Insurance companies often only cover a limited number of sessions, require a diagnosis, and do not pay therapists well. Many therapists are doing their part to provide reduced fees to the clients who need it most, but the demand for that is high. Therapy will not be widely accessible until our healthcare system is restructured and prioritizes mental health services.

4. The cost of therapy reduces burnout.
Progress for both clients and clinicians involves demanding that the system change, instead of therapists individually sacrificing income to bridge that gap. Being underpaid for your services just leads to a higher likelihood of burnout, when we need mental health care services more than ever. Therapists are at their best professionally when their personal needs are met.

5. The cost of therapy is an investment.
Giving yourself the gift of attunement, committing your resources, and showing up in the room to do the work is an invaluable investment in your life and relationships. If you’re committed to the process, therapeutic work can have a lasting impact on every aspect of your life.

If therapy doesn’t feel financially accessible to you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, as we may have reduced fee slots available or be able to direct you to a referral.

For those are not currently in need of therapeutic services, consider helping someone else! 100% of proceeds from donations and items purchased in our store goes towards being able to offer reduced fee sessions to the clients who need it most.